November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Babicka!

Have a great birthday Babi, we miss you so much!  You are one fantastic babicka, maminka, maminka-in-law and friend!  We love you MOC!!!!!

November 19, 2010


3-D movie date.

Tia shows Sammy Star Wars for the first time when Mommy and Tata are out.

Helping out at the twins 1st birthday.

Tia making lunch and being silly with Sam.

Happy birthday to a fantastic sister, sister-in-law and aunt!  Thanks Lor for being such a great support for us, thanks for all the birthday cakes, the sock monkeys, the sock bunnies too, thanks for all the Saturday lunches and the movie dates with Sammy.  We love you, you make motherhood seem a little less overwhelming and your neice and nephews think you are the coolest!  Have a great birthday!

November 18, 2010

A Few of Nanny's October Pictures

Madli's new hat.

Sammy getting off the school bus.

Abuela and twins taking a stroll.

Working in Nanny's garden.

Another stick brought home.

Our little flower.

Coming in from the rain.

Sammy is always helping Grumpy with work around the house.

Squeezing in to tight spaces.

Sweet Gabriel.

Sam at the fair.

Nanny's November Pictures

November 10, 2010

Two Boys and a Little Lady

The twins are starting to differ in their interests.  Gabriel now loves to play with cars and trucks and airplanes with his big brother and can make all the engine sounds.  Magdalena enjoys her dolls, kitchen toys and colouring.

Twice the Trouble

When Gabriel and Magdalena work together, there is no stopping them.