February 18, 2011

Nanny's Angels

Here's a short video for Nanny, we know you are missing your little "angels"!  Warning: turn the volume down low before you play.

A Warm Day in Winter

Today we enjoyed a visit to the zoo and I enjoyed a night off from cooking!

Sick Toddlers and Keeping Busy Indoors

The last couple of weeks have kept us homebound - really cold weather followed by Magdalena getting a chest infection and Gabriel coming down with roseola.  We did everything we could to keep them busy and entertained.

 Sam and Tia made brownies.
 Gabriel can spend hours pushing trains around the house.  In fact, Thomas the train is with him 24 hours a day now, mealtimes and bedtimes included.
 Tata has sparked a new interest for Sam, drawing race cars and airplanes.

 Sammy and Madli love the tent that takes up half my family room (Gabriel doesn't like confined spaces).

 Feverish cutie.