April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

 Starting the day off with an early morning egg hunt.
 Madli followed Sammy's example and was soon looking for chocolate eggs.
 Gabriel just wanted to eat the eggs and wasn't too interested in collecting.
 Sammy is a pro at finding eggs.

 Gabriel trying to get the packaging off.
 The monkeys.
 Enjoying some chocolate.
 Trying to get a nice shot of all three at once.
 A more successful attempt.
 At Nanny's, the Easter Bunny left them a sand table instead of chocolate.
 Tata making a Tatar as he does every year.
 It's 3pm and this is the first time we've sat down all day, it doesn't last long.
The twins finally exhausted after a full day of fun and play and no nap!

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  1. Oh, this must have been both a very nice and very hectic day, tata must be praised for very nice tatar!