July 21, 2011

Ruzicka Family Vacation: Part 1 - Napajedla

After 2 1/2 years, we finally returned to the Czech Republic for a great 3 weeks.  Although travelling with 2 toddlers wasn't easy, it was definitely worth the effort to spend time with family and friends again.  Below are pictures from Tata's hometown, Napajedla.
 Throwing rocks from the bridge over the Morava river was a favourite activity for the twins during our walks in Napajedla, while Sammy was out bike riding with Deda.
 Cooling off in Babi and Deda's garden.

 The church where we got married was another favourite spot for the kids, they loved climbing the steps and playing with the water fountain at the foot of the church.

 No summer vacation is complete without ice cream.
 Deda's garlic in the garden.
 Every day was full of activity and the twins usually napped on the go.

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