August 27, 2011

Sam running bases - Sam utika na plose Rogers Centra

Na baseballu v Torontu....watching Blue Jays game with Grumpy

Dneska jsme tata, Sam a Carlos byli na zapase Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays. Sice "jsme" prohrali, ale uzili jsme si krasny den a na konec se Samovi postestilo i probehnout po hraci plose...snad se mi podari nahrat video.
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August 25, 2011

Since June...

Since the spring Gabriel has been gradually giving up his naps but here he was so exhausted when Sammy got home from school that he slept soundly on his lap.

As twins these two couldn't be more different but they stick together.

Breakfast is Madli's favourite meal of the day.

Gabriel is always happy to eat.

One of our trips to the zoo when we actually remembered to bring the camera.

Sammy is very handsome in his uniform.

The zoomobile is the highlight of our zoo visits.

I'm reluctant to wean the twins off their 3 bottles of milk per day since it is usually the only times they are calm and quiet.

And if I'm lucky, they sometimes take a short nap afterwards.

Sammy and Tia went on a nature walk to photograph birds.

It's been a super hot summer and this little pool has been a favourite afternoon activity.

Snack time.

Too much togetherness. 

After our trip to CZ, we were so happy to meet Tia Meghan and Uncle Mike's little boy Cohen.

He's a cutie.

Gabriel and his trains.

Crazy hair day.

A quiet activity for a change.