January 25, 2012


Tohle video jsme "nasli" pri prochazeni fotek z rijna 2011 a je dobrou ukazkou toho, ze dvojcata maji svoji specialni rec, ktere nikdo nerozumi.
This video was taken back in October and is a good example of the twins' other language. Although we can mostly understand them now when they speak, back then most of what they said to each other was a mystery to us.

Winter Play

Above are pictures from the kids' new favourite game "Cowboys and Cowgirl", the hats aren't very authentic but they'll do.  And after a long wait, the pond finally froze and we woke up Sunday morning to a cleared skating area thanks to our neighbours.  Although the twins are not in skates yet, they were happy to practice their hockey skills with Tata and Sammy.

January 11, 2012

Sammy Loses a Tooth

Below Sammy proudly shows off a smile that is as of today one tooth less.  He went to bed anxiously awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy.

January 1, 2012

Night out with Jess and Homero

Thanks guys for amazing night out...thanks Nanny and Carlos for babysitting.
And thanks to our beautiful wives for everything else!

Over the holidays...

We had a busy week from Christmas till the new year, here are some of the things we did...
A visit from Cohen and parents.

We all got to enjoy Sam's new Wii game, including Nanny.

Tata taught Sam how to play Battleship.

We enjoyed the snow!

A Few More Christmas Pictures