September 16, 2012

Decka maji nove pokoje/rooms makeover

Nahore je Magdalencin novy pokoj, jak jde videt ruzova je jeji oblibena barva :)

A kluci maji spolecny pokoj s poschodovou posteli.

Our hockey player

Sam zacal hrat hokej! Tady pozuje obleceny do kompletni vystroje...trvalo nam celkem dlouho nez jsme to vsechno navlekli :)

September 4, 2012

To Nanny & Grumpy

Last month, Nanny and Grumpy celebrated their 65th birthdays and last Friday Nanny joined Grumpy in retirement.  To wonderful parents and amazing grandparents who came to Canada 41 years ago with almost nothing and raised a family and made a great life for themselves and for all of us - we wish you both a long and happy retirement!  You've earned it!

Lorena, Carolyn, Misa, Sammy, Madli and Gabriel

The Last of Summer 2012 Pictures

 The zoo with Andrew and Annabelle.

 Visiting the Ternoway Cottage on Canada Day.
 Waking up in the motorhome.
 The twins on their 3rd birthday - wishing each other a happy birthday!

Snapshots from a busy summer...

 The day after returning from the CZ, the kids are jetlagged.
 Making pie with Tia.
 Afternoon tea for Nanny's 65th hosted by the kids.
 On the boat at the cottage.

 Fishing at the cottage.
 Abuela relaxes with a good book.
 Fishing buddies.
 Colouring at the cottage.
 In the air, on our way to the Czech Republic.
 Since Monika and Lukas' wedding, the twins have enjoyed re-enacting their first dance and pretend to be Monika and Lukas'.

 End of summer playdate with Annabelle, Andrew and Cohen.

 A day at the zoo with Abuela and Tia Gladys.

 Painting pictures for Nanny on her last day of work.