December 21, 2012

Some December Pictures


It is a constant source of wonder, how Gabriel and Madli are so inseparable, especially with Sammy in school every day.  They are the best of friends (and at times the worst enemies).  I love watching them play together because they always incorporate their very different styles into every game and compromise (see above pictures of dinosaurs wearing jewelry and a Rapunzel doll enjoying Thor's company while taking care of her pet shark).

December 20, 2012

Sam's xmas concert 2012 - Samův vánoční koncert

We had an amazing time at the xmas concert...sam is second from the left in back row. Moc dobře jsme se bavili na letošním vánočním koncertu, Sammy je druhý zleva v zadní řadě.

Santa's elves

The other day we had a good laugh over Gabriel's goatee.

Bathroom stories

Who can tell what the twins were talking about wins a big prize (to be revealed later). Kdo uhádne o čem to dvojčata melou, vyhraje hlavní cenu.

December 9, 2012

2012 Picture with Santa - se Santou

Dneska jsme se fotili se Santou, Madlenka se ho trosku bala, coz je videt na druhe fotce. Kluci si potom zachytali ryby s Santou, Madli uz to vzdala a utekla pryc.